This Fed-Ex commercial is a classic. It combines many counter opposing themes and melds them perfectly.

Special effects are present, yet the commercial is also a well written script. The Caveman first appears unintelligent, then surprises us with some philosophical thought.

Immediately after being fired, the downtrodden caveman rises up to the challenge of saving his job by using Woody Allenesque logic to try and save his job. From that moment on the commercial just keeps reaching new levels of brilliance.

Justifiably angry at losing his job, the caveman kicks a cute lil dinosaur on his way out the door. Before we know it, slapstick has a reached a new high as the caveman gets stomped by a giant foot in return.

The evolutionary spiral is complete.

This commercial keeps getting recycled by Ikea. I think the woman in the spot shows range and would love to see her get a shot at a TV show.

Just a classic spot all the way around. A little bit of star trek in the soundtrack seems to add to it as well.


What makes this gum perfection? I will make a conscious effort to find Stride Gum the next time I am out.

If it really is a long lasting gum, then it deserves to remain on this page.

I just checked a mom and shop for this gum, they did not have it. hmmmm.

I don't like promoting products with meat in it, but this is a spectacular commercial.

Not only is everything about the commercial itself terrific, (including the egg bump at the end with the subtle cracking egg shell sound effect), but what I find cleverest of all is the "Break the Monotony" slogan.

The "Break the Monotony" slogan is absolutely brilliant because SPAM IS BORING! So to say that Spam is the anti-monotony breakfast solution is priceless, getting away with it, perfection.

I wonder if SPAM packaging should have more gold in it to imply something really special has arrived. Nonetheless, the commercial and campaign are tremendous as is.

I am assuming the people involved in this SPAM campaign are the upper crust (ha ha) of the commercial ad industry.

Veggie Spam anyone?