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This is a Buzz commercial. When I first listed this video, it had around 67,493 hits. I think this is destined for several million hits.

I consider this to still be a raw version of what it could be, but when buzz is done right, buzz is better raw than the most planned out piece of commercial goop.

Some additional ideas I would suggest if the makers wanted to do an actual 30 second version....

"No Mattresses were Harmed in the making of this commercial" cue card. (that's mine).


Here is a sample Voice Over script I came up with.

"For Sale, Slightly used Mattresses, in good condition".

"These Benson for Beds mattresses were used just one time for the Guinness World record for Mattress Dominoes! Each Benson for Bed mattress comes with its own commemorative Guinness World Record Engraving where the "do not remove under penalty of law tag" used to be. Buy yours before we run out or run you over."

"Do not try this at home!"

There are a wealth of possibilities if Benson for Beds and Wand Agency want to take this commercial to the next level, but they may not have to, as it surely will get millions of hits. I am predicting over 10 million hits for this Youtube Video.