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This commercial didn't work for me, but I love that it was made anyways.

Too many things wrong. Too much time spent in the office, not enough time in the car. Car actually did not look like the real gas guzzlers that are out there, the ones with the super big wheels and that are so big one can actually fit another car inside. The guy didn't come off as a jerk at all.

The commercial was too long as well. How ironic is that! Commercial time guzzling to berate someone for gas guzzling.

Just put the guy in a hummer and show him going to the store to buy a gallon of milk, then he decides to get a half gallon instead. Maybe is a bit impatient waiting for someone to cross in front of him.

Show the half gallon of milk in the front seat, with the seat belt around it.

Then keep the existing slogan at the end.