Very Clever Spec Script.

This is an example of a very clever spec commercial. Outside of perhaps some crisper lighting for the one shot through the crossed legs, everything about this commercial is solid. Fantastic cutting on action, very crisp and the timings are perfect throughout, I rarely see editing this good. Clever story with a memorable surprise ending. Trojan would be foolish to not buy this commercial as is and air it.

Only suggestions I would make is to add a sound effect over the glove box being closed and a reshoot of the shot through the legs, but it isn't critical that either be done, just a suggestion.

If this commercial aired as is, it would still deliver a solid response and buzz as well.

I also like the current Trojan commercial that is airing and if I can find it will post that one as well, but this spec commercial is actually better.

This 30 second commercial manages to incorporate classic Seinfeld storytelling techniques and to bring the concept full circle within 30 seconds is amazing.